E5000 Propulsion System

Recently, Copter Source has adapted the Wind 4 as its flagship industrial platform. Behind the copter is 4 M10 motors that make up the E5000 Propulsion system. This is part of the reason behind the copter's outstanding 40 minutes dry flight time. 

When it comes to power, these motors set the bar. Combined with the 1280 FOC ESC, the M10 generates a maximum of 10-15lbs of maximum thrust at sea level with only 44v of input. This optimizes efficiency and allows the Wind 4 to surpass the flight times of even the Matrice series. The E5000 System is also weather-proof. The bearings and ESCs are weathers-sealed, and the stator and circuitry are coated in a corrosive-proof coating. Water, pesticides, and even a brine solution are protected against. A cooling system and set of cooling fins are also used within the M10 motor. ESC fins placed under the propeller downdraft further improve cooling and thus efficiency.

Altogether, the E5000 is a revolutionary step ahead in providing the best efficiency for industrial applications. Paired with the Wind 4 & 8 series, enterprise applications become effortless.

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