Introducing the DJI Wind 4 Industrial Platform

If you're looking to capture enterprise-level data using an aerial platform, the DJI Wind 4 is a drone you should have in your sights. Recently released at the 2nd annual DJI Airworks Convention held in Denver Colorado, the Wind 4 is tailored for the industrial market. Boasting a 22lbs payload capacity, the Wind is built to allow for custom sensor integration to meet the needs of inspectors, agricultural markets, and more.

Innovative and Refined

The Wind 4 is designed with user ease in mind. The landing skids are fully adjustable in height to ensure that larger payloads can be attached while still maintaining portability in a small and convenient travel case. In addition, machined aluminum is apparent throughout the copter. The build and finish are impeccable. Durability and longevity was a mindset obvious within the mind of DJI's engineers. Custom ports allow for a cleaner setup when using ICI's Sensor Control Module. A dual battery tray can be added to allow for longer flight times and added redundancy. Whatever you are using the Wind for, it is sure to impress.

Powerful Performance

Using the E5000 Propulsion System, the Wind 4 is capable of lifting a payload of 22lbs. Each of the 4 M10 motors produces 10-15lbs of maximum thrust at sea level. This directly increases efficiency and allows the Wind 4 to surpass the flight time of even the Matrice 600.

DJI also took the real-world into mind when designing the copter. Using weather-sealing technology, the bearings and components within the motor are protected from water. Corrosive-proof coatings also allow the motors to stand the test of time and endure the rigors of the industrial world.

Custom Payloads

The arguably best feature on the Wind 4 is its capacity to host custom payloads. This allows each copter to be tailored to meet the standards needed for its specific job. Since the Wind 4 uses the A3 Flight Control System, ICI Camera's Sensor Control Module can be used to facilitate a large variety of sensor options.

The Sensor Control Module is a marvelous piece of engineering by ICI that opens the gates in terms of implementing multiple sensors. It allows one user to have full control over ICI's entire line of thermal cameras as well as several Sony visible cameras and even ICI's Optical Gas Imaging camera for detection of hydrocarbon gases. Each respective camera has its own menu that can be triggered using the controller. Features such as zoom, color palettes, and more can be changed on the fly. The module also acts a trigger and is able to capture images from multiple sensors at the same time.