Copter Source 400 Heavy

Regular price $ 13,599.00

Copter Source's flagship Industrial platform designed and built in house with close attention to detail and quality in mind. Built around the DJI A3 Flight controller and Lightbridge 2 Video Transmission System, this was built for the industrial user in mind where increased payload sizes and scalable operations with 3rd party sensors weren't roadblocks for the end user. Truly an industrial setup that is very powerful, versatile and capable of other 3rd party integrations.

Propulsion system is DJI's E5000 Pro tuned system providing a recommended max take off weight of @62lbs.

Batteries are off the shelf Matrice 600 batteries for ease of acquisition and charging familiarity with your existing DJI Fleet.

The setup pictured (Set of TB48's, RTK and 2 GPS/IMU units and X5 camera) weighs 25lbs, providing a theoretical 37lbs of additional payload capacity.

Price includes a Copter Source 400 Heavy build with A3 Pro flight controller (redundant GPS/IMU setup), Lightbridge 2, Ground Station Controller, DJI E5000 Propulsion System, set (6) TB48 Flight Batteries, DJI Hex Charger and Retractable Landing Gear

Compatible Camera/Sensors:

DJI Zenmuse Z30

DJI Zenmuse XT

DJI Zenmuse XT2

DJI Zenmuse X5

Gremsy T3 with ICI Industrial Inspection Combo (Thermal and Visible)

Gremsy T3 with ICI Optical Gas Inspection Combo (detect hydrocarbon gasses)

Gremsy S1 with R10C and EMLID RTK GEOTAGGING System

Many, Many More


Contact us for other custom integrations or possible builds 

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