Copter Source Matrice 600 Pro Industrial Combo with ICI's EO/IR Inspector Package w Multi Sensor Payload System (Thermal and Zoom Cameras)

Regular price $ 20,499.00

Copter Source's DJI Matrice 600 Pro Ultimate Industrial Inspection Package with Infrared Cameras Inc. Multi Sensor payload system is a custom solution provided by Copter Source and ICI, utilizing ICI's Sensor Control module capable of supporting up to 5 camera sensors simultaneously providing unmatched data collection capabilities for a broad range of industrial inspection applications.

The Copter Source Industrial Inspection Package includes a fully assembled DJI Matrice 600 Pro, 2 extra sets of TB48S batteries (6 units per set), Custom Matrice 600 Rugged Hard Case, dedicated Battery Hard Case (protects 18 batteries), 1 additional DJI Hex Charging Hub, Infrared Cameras Inc's Sensor Control module, ICI Modified Gremsy H3 Gimbal, ICI 8320 Fully Radiometric Thermal Camera and a high resolution 30x zoom Sony  20mp visible camera.  

Each Matrice 600 Pro is assembled and tested by a professional, at no additional cost.  Additional sensor options available as well as a Ronin-MX version (note the Ronin-MX with this configuration is not capable of 360 degree yaw rotation due to data cable being connected to the gimbal)

Want more? Send us an email at, or stop by our drone store and repair center in Baytown, Texas to request a custom build. 

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