Copter Source Ronin MX Multi Mount

Regular price $ 89.99

This is a custom designed and fabricated part by Copter Source to provide a quick and easy method as well as make the Matrice 600 an even more versatile platform for multiple sensor payloads.  We have machined an aluminum mounting adapter to take the Zenmuse XT / X3 / X5 mount to be affixed to the Ronin MX style mount allowing our Industrial Inspection customers a truly versatile and functional platform.

Go from your DSLR and Zoom Lens mounted on your Ronin MX, right over to your thermal Zenmuse FLIR XT with a quick swap of the gimbal.  No more taking off of the main mount rails and having to choose your DSLR/Ronin MX or DJI's Sensor options, you can use them all and swap out in the field.


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