Copter Source Wind 4 Industrial Inspector Plus

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WIND 4 Specs

Here at Copter Source, we utilize the Wind 4 as our flagship Industrial UAV due to it's robust and rugged design while offering the most portable form factor without sacrificing any flight times or payload options.  We can tailor the sensor options to fit your needs.

  Anything from ICI's Optical Gas Imaging sensor for hydrocarbon gas leak detection, to Long Wave Infrared Thermal Cameras and Short Wave Infrared Thermal Cameras.  We also have multiple visible camera options with 30x optical zoom and 20 megapixels or a full 4/3's Sony sensor with interchangeable E-Mount lens options.

If portability is your top priority, you need multi-sensor payloads and you don't want to be limited to the sensors that are available for use, then a Copter Source customized WIND 4 is your platform.  This Beast has a 22lb payload capacity,  swinging 4 - 28 inch props from DJI's E5000 propulsion system.  It is utilizing the commercial quality A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 Transmission and Ground Station.  RTK and A3 Pro configurations are available as well.

You can expect flight times to reach up to 40 minutes with a 1kg payload and 2 - DZ-12000 batteries.

Don't limit yourself by settling with a drone platform and sensors that just suits your needs now, invest in a platform that can grow with your company and capabilities.

Copter Source's Wind 4 Inspector Plus Package with Infrared Cameras Inc. Multi Sensor payload system is a custom solution provided by Copter Source, utilizing ICI's Sensor Control module and sensors.  The Sensor Control Module is capable of supporting up to 5 camera sensors simultaneously, providing unmatched data collection capabilities for a broad range of industrial inspection applications.

The Copter Source Industrial Inspection Plus Package includes a fully assembled DJI Wind 4, 2- DZ1200 Batteries, Custom Wind 4 Rugged Hard Case, 1 DJI DZ1200 Battery Charger, Infrared Cameras Inc's Sensor Control module, ICI Modified Gremsy H3 Gimbal, ICI 8320 Fully Radiometric Thermal Camera and a high resolution 30x zoom Sony  20mp visible camera.

(Pictured with optional Sony R10C Camera)

 Rugged Carrying Case with Wheels included

• Water and Dust resistant

• 22 lb Payload

• Foldable Arms, Extendable Landing Gear, Easy to Carry

• Onboard & Mobile SDK

• ZENMUSE X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R/Z30 Compatible

• Optional Optical Gas Imaging Sensor

• Optional Thermal Imaging

• Optional Sony E-Mount or 30x Optical Zoom Cameras

• Optional Megaphone,supply box

• Optional D-RTK, Manifold

• 3rd Party Device
• Water and dust resistance

• Motor/GPS/IMU Redundancy design

• Portable and foldable design

• SDK development and customization

• 10 KG Payload

• Diagonal Distance 1060 mm

• Weight 11kg(with 1 DZ-12000 battery)

• Max Takeoff Weight 21 kg

• Max Payload Weight 10 kg(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Propulsion System E5000 Customized Version

• Adaption platform for third-party device Quick-release

• Basic Configuration IMU*2,GPS*1

• Structure Foldable arms

• HoveringTime 50mins(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Hovering Accuracy Vertical:±0.5 m,Horizontal: ±1.5 m

• Max Angular Velocity Yaw:150°/s

• Max Pitch Angle 25°

• Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s

• Max Descent Speed 3 m/s

• Max Wind Resistance 10m/s

• Max Speed 18 m/s

• Dimension of Drone (folded) 530mm*480mm*430mm

• Dimension of Drone (unfolded) 860mm*860mm*525mm

• Dimension of Case 610mm*584mm*432mm



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