DJI Wind 8 Industrial UAV Heavy Lift Octocopter

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WIND 8 Specs

The ultimate DJI Industrial UAV offering the safest and most redundant platform for the widest range of possible uses.  Anything from extreme endurance needs to heavy sensor payloads or if you're just after the best redundancy when flying your high valued sensors ranging from Optical Gas Imaging, Thermal, Visible and LiDar.


• Onboard & Mobile SDK


• Megaphone,supply box

• D-RTK, Manifold

• 3rd Party Device
• Water and dust resistance

• Motor/GPS/IMU Redundancy design

• Portable and foldable design

• SDK development and customization

• 10 KG Payload

• Diagonal Distance 1520mm

• Weight 8.5kg(with no battery)

• Max Takeoff Weight 26 kg

• Max Payload Weight 10 kg(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Propulsion System E2000 Customized Version

• Adaption platform for third-party device Quick-release

• Basic Configuration IMU*2,GPS*1

• Structure Foldable arms

• HoveringTime 39min(with 2 DZ-12000mAh batteries)

• Hovering Accuracy Vertical:±0.5 m,Horizontal: ±1.5 m

• Max Angular Velocity Yaw:150°/s

• Max Pitch Angle 25°

• Max Ascent Speed 5 m/s

• Max Descent Speed 3 m/s

• Max Wind Resistance 10m/s

• Max Speed 15 m/s

• Dimension of Drone (folded) 780mm*780mm*482mm

• Dimension of Drone (unfolded) 1471mm*1471mm*482mm

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