DJI Matrice 600 Industrial Package with Zenmuse Z3 Zoom and XT Thermal Imaging Camera Gimbal

Regular price $ 15,915.00
Save more than $750 instantly with this combo! The DJI Matrice 600 Ultimate Industrial Package with Zenmuse Z3 Zoom and XT Thermal Imaging Camera Gimbal is a ready to fly drone kit based from the most popular combo industrial and commercial customers have requested when looking to buy the M600 platform for inspection, first responder, search and rescue, aerial mapping and survey work. The Matrice 600 Ultimate Industrial Package includes a fully assembled DJI Matrice 600, 2 extra sets of TB47S batteries (6 units per set), Custom Matrice 600 Protector Case, dedicated Battery Hard Case (protects 18 batteries), 2 additional DJI Quad Charging Hubs, Zenmuse Z3 7x Zoom Camera Gimbal, and your choice of Zenmuse XT Series Thermal Imaging Camera GImbal. The price listed below does not include the cost of the Zenmuse Flir Thermal Camera, as there is a different price for each model of the Zenmuse XT or XTR (Advanced Radiometry version). Necessary gimbal mounting hardware is included with your thermal camera selection in the menu below. Each Matrice 600 is assembled and tested by a professional, at no additional cost. Upgrade to the A3 PRO for enhanced safety and GPS redundancy, or take your Matrice 600 to the next level with the D-RTK GNSS-G + Datalink Pro Pack for centimeter grade accuracy necessary for waypoint navigation and mapping applications. Want more? Send us an email at, or stop by our drone store and repair center in Baytown, Texas to request a custom build.